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in Luxembourg.

GOTOfreedom supports your human resources management processes through expert HR advisory services, focusing on employer branding, recruitment strategy, talent retention, and innovative recruitment techniques. Our consultants also provide training in advanced recruitment methods, sustainable recruitment, and employer branding.

GOTOfreedom: HR Advisory in Luxembourg

By optimising your HR practices as well as the employee and candidate experience, we assist you in managing your human resources department with respect for human capital while enhancing your performance.


100% independent agency


6 spoken languages


Financial Sector HR Expertise


Our HR Advisory Services

Enhancing your recruitment strategy, internal procedures, KPIs – Employer branding audit and benchmarking – Workshops & brainstorming on sustainable recruitment – Training for internal recruiters and business managers – Compensation studies

HR advisory at GOTOfreedom offers a new and objective perspective on your HR practices, delivering innovative and effective solutions for superior recruitment management.

Employer Branding and Talent Attraction

Our consultants audit your employer brand and analyse its strengths and weaknesses in order to define an action plan that will help your company attract talent and retain your team members.

Elevating Skills and Training Your Teams

We facilitate skill development in crucial HR areas:
  • Cultivating a cohesive employer brand
  • Training managers in talent retention
  • Implementing sustainable recruitment practices
  • Developing a talent roadmap
  • Optimizing sourcing and candidate interviews
  • Campus recruitment
  • Establishing effective performance indicators and building HR reports
  • Analyzing HR data
  • Revamping pre-boarding, onboarding, and outboarding processes
  • Fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity…

Additional GOTOfreedom Services to Reach Your HR Goals

Leverage our talent acquisition expertise to quickly find the right profiles for your company’s goals.

Interim Management

We connect you with an experienced profile or an interim manager ready to commit alongside you to successfully carry out your unforeseen project or replace one of your executives or employees who is absent.


Our 10 recruitment consultants assist you in hiring talents who will be able to express their full potential within your company. This is how we create encounters every day, that propel careers and strengthen the competitiveness of businesses.

Executive Search

By discreetly activating our local and international network, we help you recruit the professional who embodies the expertise, excellence, and leadership your company needs to successfully carry out its mission.

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  • A pool of business experts
  • Strong expertise in direct approach
  • A European network
  • Professional ethics

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Managing Director

When GOTOfreedom calls, I know it’s worth my time.

CFO Europe

Thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in filling up two positions for my team. We are very happy with the profiles recruited.

Fund Manager

I consider GOTOfreedom as my chosen career advisor. You are the only headhunter I have contact with.

Legal Officer

Thanks to your support and expertise, I agreed to move from Brussels to Luxembourg. Without it, I would still be in my current job.

Chief Information Officer

Thank you for your feedback and insight into the job market, I now understand how I felt trapped in my comfort zone.

FAQ: HR Advisory in Luxembourg

Why Choose GOTOfreedom for HR Advisory?

GOTOfreedom is a 100% independent Luxembourg-based HR consulting agency. Established in 2014, it is the ideal HR advisory partner for companies based in Luxembourg or those looking to establish a presence there, offering strategic, effective recruitment solutions in line with market realities.

The strengths of GOTOfreedom regarding HR advisory include:

  • A team of 10 consultants
  • Proficiency in 6 languages: French, English, Luxembourgish, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Expertise gained through experience
  • Custom-designed training on recruitment and employer branding
  • In-house support
  • Proposals aligned with market realities and the availability of actual resources

Our HR consulting expertise covers:

  • Creation and enhancement of employer branding
  • HR consultancy for recruiting professionals in the financial and legal sectors
  • Training in candidate selection and recruitment interviewing techniques

Role of an HR Consultant

An HR (Human Resources) Consulting Expert in Luxembourg is a professional specialized in guiding businesses on topics related to personnel management. Here are some key aspects of their role:

  • HR Strategy & Organization Consulting: They assist companies in developing and implementing human resource management strategies. This includes workforce planning, organizational development, and aligning HR policies with the company’s overall objectives and market realities.
  • Recruitment and Selection: The consultant supports companies in their recruitment processes, helping to define job profiles, as in searching for and selecting suitable candidates.
  • Training and Development: They handle the training and skill development of employees, identifying training needs and designing appropriate programs.
  • Performance Management: The consultant implements performance evaluation systems and advises on best practices in this area.
  • Change Management: In a constantly evolving environment, the consultant helps companies in managing change, especially in implementing new policies, processes, or technologies.
  • Well-being and Workplace Health Advisory: They offer advice on promoting health and well-being at work, increasingly important for modern businesses.
  • Sustainable Recruitment: The consultant helps companies rethink their recruitment process to align with their corporate values and the principles of sustainable recruitment. This method, based on a perfect match between an employer and a candidate, aims to increase team performance while reducing turnover.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: The consultant develops policies and practices for clients that promote diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all employees, thereby fostering a respectful and equitable workplace.

Benefits of Hiring an HR Consultant

Engaging a human resources advisory agency offers numerous benefits to a business. Here are some reasons why an organization should consider consulting an HR expert:

  • Specialized Expertise: An HR consultant brings specialized and up-to-date expertise in specific areas of human resources. They provide pragmatic and effective solutions to complex HR challenges.
  • External Perspective: They offer a fresh and objective viewpoint. This external perspective can be valuable in identifying unrecognized internal problems or in proposing innovative solutions.
  • Specific Project Management: For specific projects such as restructuring a company, introducing new human resource management systems, or deploying training programs, an HR consulting professional brings the necessary expertise for effective implementation.
  • Development and Training: They design customized training and development programs that cater to the specific needs of the company and its employees.
  • Flexibility and Cost Savings: Hiring a consultant is more cost-effective than employing a full-time staff member, particularly for one-time needs or short-term projects.
  • Performance Improvement: They implement performance evaluation systems, identify skill gaps, and propose strategies to improve the overall performance of the company.
  • Recruitment and Talent Retention: For companies struggling to attract or retain talent, HR consultancy develops strategies to enhance the employer brand.